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Winstown Fibroid Tea

Winstown Fibroid Tea can clear the womb of toxins and wastes. it helps in diminishing inflammation, shrinking and other symptoms associated with fibroid.

Totally organic and prepared with traditional Chinese herbal medicine.
Ingredients include Mullein leaf, vitex berry, Ginger root, Ashoka Bark, Don’t Quai root, Stevia leaf, goldenseal leaf, black cohosh root, cramp bark root.

HOW TO USE: Put one tea bag in a cup Pour in fresh boiling water and allow to stand for 3-5 minutes. Drink after a meal or before bed at night. Best results guaranteed.

Fibroid tea is prepared with natural herbs
Purifies female body, clear womb toxin and waste
Diminishes swollen womb and help warm it
Naturally, shrink and dissolve uterus, ovarian cysts and fibroids.

No Side Effects And Results Start To Show Within 5 Days

Price Ghc200