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Organic Ulcer Solution Tea

Organic Ulcer Solution Tea: Nourishes the Stomach, Dispels Stomach distensions, Relieves Gastric Ulcer, Acute Gastritis and Stomach Ache. This tea blend is an All natural and Organic formulation made from the most premium and efficacious Ingredients, by master tea makers, masterfully crafting a perfect brew of herbal remedy employing age old traditional techniques passed down many generations and enhanced with modern scientific and technological know-how. The result is a unique potent blend that delivers amazing health benefits in every cup of tea. The Main Ingredients include; ClovesPoria CocosHawthornCitronSea BuckthornChinese YamBlack BuckwheatMaltHericium Mushroom Relieves Ulcer induced pains, allowing you to enjoy your life in comfort. The natural and organic blend is perfectly in perfect harmony with the body, and as such there is Zero Side Effects.The tea is also Enriched with Anti-Oxidants which fights the free radicals that often are culpable for cellular degradation in the body.

No Side Effects And Results Start To Show Within 10minutes

Price Ghc250