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General specifications at a glance

Miira Cell Plus is a supplement that restores

the body to its natural state.
It can repair any damage by decreasing pain

and inflammation, repairing bone injuries

from accidents or surgery, reversing diabetes

symptoms in diabetics who take insulin shots

for treatment (for both type 1 and 2).
It help to ease digestive disorders like Irritable

Bowel Syndrome which causes diarrhea or

constipation and so on.

The benefits of Miira-Cell plus are seemingly

endless with it being able to restore the human body

back to normalcy without having adverse

effects on your health.

Miira cell is a stem cell product for the treatment

for over 134 diseases including glaucoma because

it has the potential of protecting the optic nerves of the

eye from damage and slow the progression

of vision loss. It has the potential to replace ocular

tissues that have degenerated in eyes with glaucoma.

It is very effective for the treatment of

diabetes type 1 and 11.