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Menplus Herbx Ghana

Herbx men’s plus ** this is an (ayurvedic) nutritious botanical herbal mix, pre-mixed to tackle men’s major health challenges. ingredients 1. maca : proven to be a good aphrodisiac and effective in boosting male libido & improves male prostrate health. 2.pumpkin seed 3. amla. 4. ashwangandha. 5. peach. 6. grape. 7. passion fruits etc. benefits as an energy booster and restores strength to the body boost cardiovascular health. tone and strengthen muscles, nerves and the endocrine system improves immunity and digestive functions. maintains brain health and increases mental sharpness ‌beneficial in improving lungs, bones, joint and skin health possess anti-inflammatory properties, fights arthritis disorder. increases testosterone levels, quality, motility and mobility of sperm. boost endurance during sex. decrease the aging process. improves prostrate health. improves hair growth. high in anti-oxidants etc. insomnia. treats low sex drive


No Side Effects And Results Start To Show Within 10minutes

Price Ghc600