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Men Power Energy Coffee

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Our Men Power and Energy Coffee will boost sex urge, treat premature ejaculation, improve sperm quality, enhance sexual performance, and promote a healthy prostate if you take a cup of the coffee on a daily basis. It contains Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed), Maca, Tongkat Ali, and Ginseng.

These 3 ingredients, Epimedium, Maca and Tongkat Ali, are part of the most powerful sex supplements for men. To even make the coffee more powerful and effective, Ginseng was better nutrient absorption in the body. The scientific combination of these four active ingredients in one sachet is a cost-effective supplement for a man’s sexual health!

If you do not wish to drink the coffee but also want to enjoy the health benefits of the product, we have it in tablet form – Man Power and Energy Tablet Candy.

Enhances the libido and relieves fatigue and stress
Boosts blood flow into the penis and promotes stronger erection
Improves sexual performance and nourishes the prostate
Promotes blood circulation and improves your overall body energy
Ingredients: Epimedium Extract (Prostaep), Maca Extract, Tongkat Ali Extract, Ginseng Extract
Quantity: 20 sachets per pack

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium) is used in treating low libido (sexual urge), erectile dysfunction, prostate, and urinary problems

Maca Extract boosts low libido, reduces stress, improve fertility conditions, and helps reduce enlarged prostate

Tongkat Ali improves prostate health, treats erectile dysfunction, clears bacterial infections, boosts male fertility, relieves stress, and helps in fighting prostate cancer

Ginseng Extract reduces enlarged prostate and the proliferation of prostate cancer cells


Take 2 sachets at once, once a day. You can take it in the morning or evening, preferably in the morning. You can also add honey according to your personal taste. Please do not exceed more than 2 sachets a day.


1. Coffee contains some form of caffeine so it could affect your sleep if taken late at night. It’s better or preferably to take coffee in the morning or early hours of the day.

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You Can Buy 2 to 3 Box
Bottles Price Ghc300

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