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Master Chicago Massage Table

Master Chicago Massage Table: Portable Luxury Massage Table Master of Chicago Balboa™ Massage Table


The Master of Chicago 30” Balboa is ideal for committed & busy professionals that need a high quality pre owned Master pmassage table. the essentials –

The adjustable Face Cradle with its perfect 30” x 75” size with 2.5” exclusive multi-layer small cell™ foam. It’s everything you need to be successful; another high-end, long lasting, safe Massage Table investment from MASTER® of Chicago.

Table Specifications

Size: 30″ x 75″ (W x L)

Height: 24″ – 36″ (adjustable)

Weight: 36 lbs.

Support Weight: 1,500 lbs.

Foam: 2.5″ Exclusive Small Cell™ High Density Foam