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IMMERplus AliHart Capsules
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  • Alihat capsule is a natural herb that has been proven by scientists to regulate the testosterone hormone in both men and women. Additionally, the formulation of the AliHat capsule has been shown to be safe and effective in either men or women.Generally, testosterone is the primary male hormone and is responsible for many sex-related traits like sexuality, libido, and sperm production. Similarly, it’s also responsible for some other less noticeable but still important aspects like muscle mass and facial hair.

    Alihat capsules promise to be a natural Viagra alternative that can help improve general male health. So also, some benefits found with tongkat Ali are support for healthy reproductive function and fertility, including sperm motility, semen production, libido, and erectile function.

    The condition affects mostly post-menopausal women and people with a history of osteoporosis in the family. However, ALihart is here to give you better and stronger bones for a healthier future, even for people with an unhealthy past.

    Tongkat Ali is a herbal supplement that is used to manage and prevent stress. It is classified as an adaptogen meaning it helps the body resist the effects of stressors, whether physical, chemical, or biological.

    Health Benefit of  AliHart Capsules

    Naturally, help Increases the Production of Testosterone In the Body system.

    Improves Sexual Health & Boost Libido.

    Improve Strength, Muscle & Physical Activities.

    Stimulate Weight Loss and Body Fat.

    Potential Treatment for Osteoporosis.

    Anti-Cancer properties to aid Cancer Treatment.

    Reduce Stress, Anger & Improve Mood.

    Enhancing the Immune System.

    Potentially Reduce Blood Sugar Level.

    Reduction in Blood Pressure.

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