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Fitting Insertion

Fitting Insertion

Herbal vaginal tightening
1.vaginal tightening and leucorrhea preventing vaginal tightening.
2. treatment of all kinds uterus.
3.leucorrhea will be disappeared when inserted.
4. treatment of abdominal pain infection of having sexual intercourse prevented when using.
5. this is effective 100% after use the woman will have leucorrhea
drive out from vagina.
6. it will make complete cleansing for vagina.
-for vaginal insertion
-recommend in the first time use 1 tablet per week, 4 tablets / month.
-pregnant woman can not use.
ingredients:curcuma zanthorrhiza roxb, frankincense, alum,
pogostemon cablin benth,caesalpinia crista


No Side Effects And see improvements within 3 days of usage

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You Can Buy 2 to 3 Bottles
Bottles Price Ghc250

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