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Eye Bright Herbal Tea

Eye Bright Tea effectively relieve eye fatigue and keep eyes healthy. Eye Bright Tea effectively improves vision, make one’s vision clearer, and to take off glasses. Made from pure natural plant herbs, this product is pure natural ingredients, mild and non-irritating.
Eye Bright tea bags are packed in multi-layer inner and outer packaging to meet European Union standards and ensure that plant tea is stored in a high standard sanitary environment. The professional-grade micro-powder grinding process breaks the cell structure and enables the plant tea to dissolve quickly.


Alleviate intraocular pressure, improving dry eyes and avoid irritation.
Prevent and improve night blindness, presbyopia, glaucoma and other eye diseases
It improves the ocular microcirculation, protect vision especially for myopia, myopia, amblyopia and ocular diseases pseudo have a significant effect.
Speed up the regeneration of rhodopsin, improve night vision.
Can remove toxic chemicals within the retina, myopic eye excessive secretion etc.