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Bad breath or mouth odor is one of the most embarrassing and often unnoticed condition experienced by millions of individuals worldwide.
The main reason this condition is so difficult to treat is because in most instance, A sufferer is totally unaware that he or she has bad breath.
Bad Breath(Mouth Odor/Halitosis) is a treatable condition, get your Bad Breath Solution Pack now and be completely free from Bad Breath.
The Bad Breath solution pack consist of:
1. Chitosan Life Capsules.
2. Kuding Tea.
3. Lemon Toothpaste, Day Use.
4. GreenTea Toothpaste, Night Use.


  • Prevents and fights Bad breath(Halitosis).
  • Fights toothache.
  • Prevents and stop bleeding gum.
  • Fights dental and gum diseases.
  • Provides reliefs from oral pain.
  • Kills germs presents in the mouth.
  • Kills harmful bacteria.
  • Prevents tooth decay.