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Zahidi Vita Plus Hip Up/Butt Capsules


Mulittea pure natural herbal maca tea is a tonifying kidney tea which helps relieve fatigue, renew spirits etc. It regulates endocrine, anti-menopausal syndrome. Further, it is pivotal in anti-fatigue, enhances energy and enhances physical strength. Maca root has been used for it’s medicinal and nutritional benefits by the Peruvians for more than 3,000 years. The primary benefit of maca root is its ability to enhance and strengthen the function of the endocrine system, which includes all the body’s glands as well as the hormones they secrete. These glands and hormones control many vital processes, including sexual function, fertility, digestion, brain and nervous system functioning, and energy. Maca root acts as an adaptogen, which helps the body to cope with stress and help bring the body back into balance. This explains why it is often used after illness or for stress, because it supports the body’s capacity to cope with both physical and emotional stress and it is able to help support and enhance the healthy function of the adrenal and other glands. Both men and women are believed to feel an increase in libido, energy and stamina, and an overall feeling of wellness from consuming maca.

Maca For Energy And Stamina; Maca supplement is essential in maintaining healthy energy and stamina. This maca root has a beneficial influence on endurance and energy levels. Our all natural maca root powder may be beneficial in improving stamina, energy levels and endurance increase during any physical activities.

Maca Root Powder To Improve Fertility; Fertility for men is the longest and most common use of Maca. This herbal maca root supplement will be useful in supporting both men and livestock fertility. Our Maca root supplement will boost male fertility and raise your fertility levels as well as increase sexual desire.

Maca Root For Libido; Among the top reasons men choose Maca supplement is to restore the libido. Maca works on various levels to support a healthy sex drive. It’s high nutrient content may support the entire body. Maca works to boost testosterone levels thereby increasing energy, stamina and vitality. Its natural components are associated with supporting healthy libido.

Maca Powder To Support Immune System; Adding maca into a daily diet may increase the strength of your immune system. One of the most significant aspects of maca is its high level of protein, that is an essential part of a balanced diet. It can boost the immune system and increase energy levels. By improving the immune system it is also supports overall health.

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Zahidi-Vita Plus for big Hip & Butt enhancement products are made out of the African Zahidi-Vita Plus root and evening primrose natural herbs. The Zahidi-Vita Plus pills are home made from top quality ingredients. The Zahidi-Vita Plus butt pills grow fat in your thigh,butt, and hip area. The pills helps to grow fat in your desired areas faster. The fat wont come from other areas on your body the fat will come from the food you eat. So calories that you eat while on the products will turn into fat that will be deposited to your desired areas of but, hips, and thighs. This is why your current weight will stay the same while on the products just your desired area body measurements will increase. Normally the pills alone takes 2-3 weeks to start noticing positive result. This is why were commend all our new customers to purchase the kit.
Key features
Bigger Buttocks
Wider Hips
Erases Cellulite
Eradicate Stretch marks


No Side Effects And Results Start To Show Within a few weeks Days

Price Ghc150

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